Message for toll manufacture

Al-Rowad Pharmaceutical Industries Company (RPiC) strives to achieve a leading position in the field of developing and launching pharmaceutical products to the Egyptian market and beyond.

We offer our customers a deep understanding of their needs, our shareholders the highest possible return on their investment, our employees a room for development, growth, and career satisfaction, our suppliers a long-term relation that is built on shared success, and our community a strong sense of belonging and commitment to its core values.

In our manufacturing facility we have the following “Lines of Production”:

Solid dosage form includes:

• Tablets
• Film coated tablets
• Enteric coated tablets
• Hard gelatin capsules
• Powder in sachets

Moreover, we offer other services like:

• Preparation & follow up of R&D files
• Carrying out stability studies [accelerated & long-term stability studies]
• Carrying out comparative studies
• Preparation and follow up of NODCAR files & process validation study.
. Offering pharmacovigilance services

We assure that all processes we undertake, from receiving raw materials till having the finished product, undergo precise steps with almost no error; and we strictly follow the requirements of W.H.O., M.O.H & CGMP.