Al Rowad Pharmaceuticals

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you.
We know, how much expertise your are, thus we will be more than happy to introduce Al-Rowad’s Vision on health care sector in Egypt, that we all care about.
We strive for a successful and long term partnership with you.
We promise you, that will do our utmost to ensure we exceed expectations and be your partner for success.


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Al-Rowad Pharmaceutical Industries (RPiC) is a public Egyptian shareholding company established in 2001 with a clear objective to became one of the leading and best national pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.
RPiC has built its own plant in 10th of Ramadan city, using top quality manufacturing lines. RPiC provides wide range of products covering many therapeutic areas. Moreover, in our endeavor to serve our community and provide patients with diversified high-quality medications, we established strategic alliances and partnerships with several toll companies.
RPiC has been embracing the philosophy of “providing high quality, cost effective and need-satisfying medications”, applying a perfect service system that reflects our philosophy.
Guided by our corporate spirit “Honesty, Preciseness and Persistence”, RPiC is committed to performing its social responsibility while creating economic benefits. We will never stop our efforts to build an excellent company that devotes to our customers, country and the society in an all-round way”

AL-Rowad  Industrial pharmaceutical company ( RPIC) is considered as one of the leading  companies in the Egyptian market, since it has top of the art technology in manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Al-Rowad  industrial pharmaceutical company licensed as  (GMP) Good Manufacture practice ,one of the highest technology certificate in manufacturing field.

Al-Rowad has more than 70 products in the pipe line, which cover wide range of pharmaceutical product categories such as :

  • Antibiotics.
  • PPIs .
  • NSAIDsAnti-diabetics
  • Neutri-Ceutical & Dietary supplement.
  • Vasothyraby
  • Articular Joint protectors

Our Values


A fundamental part of us, is the strive to delivering quality service to our partners, we are keen on building skillful, efficient excellent sales force, that is considered an important differential advantage. Aligning learning and development with business goals is key for us.



We strive and commit ourselves to deliver our best in all we do. We always aim high and demand the best for ourselves and our partners. We adhere to the quality regulations in the pharma industry, holding ourselves accountable for achieving results.


We stand behind our products and decisions and take full responsibility for that our affordable advanced medicines offer the quality and customer value that the market expects. We aim to achieve highest standards in our processes, products and services, and provide a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees.


We are committed to meeting our business partners’ expectations and deliver what we promise to fulfill their needs and build long-term relationships.